A Commitment to Quality Anesthesia

Explore Banfield’s anesthesia standards and protocols, and together we can strive to deliver safe, high quality healthcare to every pet, every time.

Anesthesia & Analgesia for the Veterinary Practitioner: Canine and Feline

The goal of each of these books is to provide all associates with standards and protocols based on proven fundamentals of quality and medical best practices that will lead to sustainable outcomes for our practice and the best results for each pet.

Anesthesia Quality, Medical Quality Standards,  Equipment & Physiology


Individualized Anesthesia & Analgesia Plan, Sedation & Immobilization, Induction, Monitoring & Recovery


Protocols, CPR Guidelines, & Appendix


Other Resources

Learning Materials

Learning materials are available to support embedding information into your clinical practice for every anesthetic procedure.

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Medical Quality Standards

Learn about Banfield’s standards and protocols for high-quality anesthesia practices.

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Patient-Specific Tools

Access tools to assist you during anesthetic procedures and treatments.

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Guidelines, protocols and Clinical Essentials associated with the anesthesia program have been developed with input from primary literature, reviewed by three veterinary anesthesiologists, an internal medicine specialist and align whenever possible with other professional standards (AAHA Guidelines) and current literature. The primary intent of all recommendations is to support patient safety. Most importantly as we lean into all changes associated with the anesthesia program, we must maintain patient safety and set realistic expectations based on the experience, equipment, training and staffing that are available to each team.