2019 Veterinary Emerging Topics (VET)® Report

In this year’s report, we’re highlighting the management of osteoarthritis in overweight pets and exploring opportunities to improve care and outcomes for these pets in general veterinary practice.

Osteoarthritis: When Age is Not the Culprit

The U.S. is facing an epidemic of overweight and obese pets – approximately 1 in 3 pets seen at Banfield Pet Hospital are overweight or obese. And, the prevalence is increasing. What does this mean for our pets? We have a growing population of pets at risk of developing osteoarthritis (OA). And vice versa – osteoarthritic pets are at risk of weight gain, contributing to the epidemic.

Because progression of OA and weight gain are linked, management of OA needs to be multi-modal, going beyond pharmacologic management of pain and including weight management. 

In the 2019 VET Report, we looked at the commonality of excess weight in newly diagnosed cases of OA, the management of these cases, and the challenges to providing the best recommended care.

The Data

Find out what we learned about prevalence of osteoarthritis (OA) in overweight pets and get a closer look at the methods we used to conduct our research.

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We can do better. Quality medical management of osteoarthritis (OA) requires a multi-faceted diagnostic and treatment plan.

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Through identifying and better-understanding barriers to care, we can improve the care that overweight OA pets receive. Both diagnostic testing and a multi-modal management plan are needed to most effectively improve patient outcomes. 

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Read the full report on what we learned about managing arthritis in overweight pets.